Four Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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People are going to criticize you. Investors will say no. Hardships will be abundant. The thought to give up will strike you. Don’t listen to any of it. 

A strong drive and an iron will to succeed goes a long way as a prospective entrepreneur. Countless success stories start with failure. Get knocked down, but get up again.


No one has ever said entrepreneurship was easy. Prospective entrepreneurs need to have a burning desire to succeed. This includes believing in your product or service.

Have you ever had to create a presentation in school on a topic you weren’t interested in? It probably took a lot of effort to stay focused. So long as your product or service is something you believe in and are passionate about, you’re in good shape. 


Where are you headed? What’s the direction you want your business to take? How do you see your future?

These questions need to be answered and understood in order for your entrepreneurial success story to take shape. Much like driving a car, you have to look where you want to go.


Be prepared to go where no one has gone before. Whether it’s creating a new product or service, innovation requires boldness. Pitching your business or selling yourself successfully requires the ability to stand out. To be someone you’ve never been, you will have to do things you’ve never done.

An Ocean Of Resources

Aspiring entrepreneurs have a lot of questions and concerns. Fortunately, there are resources available. Here are eight that might help you grow or start your business.


1) Business in the Streets (BITS)

We provide entrepreneurship training and ongoing support for alumni. Our coworking space is a perfect spot to work, hold a meeting or network. Open office hours are Monday to Friday, 10:30 to 5:30. Alternatively, you can rent a desk by contacting

2) Government of Ontario Entrepreneurship Funds

The provincial government offers a range of programs and funds for entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Programs include training, women’s specific programs and funding opportunities. To learn more, click here.

3) Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE)

ONE operates 14 centres in Ontario, providing specialized business support. In house business analysts and specialists are available to review your goals and determine a plan to grow your business. To find the nearest centre, click here.

4) Stanford University eCorner

Listen to talks from Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs. This site offers a wide range of speakers giving talks on every aspect of entrepreneurship. Best of all, it’s free to access.

5) Enterprise Toronto

Enterprise Toronto works with entrepreneurs across the city to solve business problems. Learn how to build a business plan, find funding sources and get yourself up to date on the laws and regulations that impact your business. In person help can be found at the North York Civic Centre, or access online.

6) edX

edX offers hundreds of free courses from some of the top universities in the world. Topics include business management, marketing, financing and growing a startup. Check them out!

7) Toronto Entrepreneurs Meetup Group

Meetup is a free service that allows groups to arrange meetings. Toronto Entrepreneurs boasts over 16,000 members, and holds regular networking events. One of the best ways to learn is through the experience of others. Find a meeting near you.

8) Canada Business Ontario (CBO)

CBO provides comprehensive guides to starting a business in Ontario. Guides are broken down into industries so all relevant information is present. Guides include relevant legal and regulatory information, as well as curate required documents for starting your business. Find a guide for your business!





Why Entrepreneurship?

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Why Entrepreneurship?


Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a business. Entrepreneurship has long been a driver of innovation and growth. Individuals like Steve Jobs, BIll Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have revolutionized modern life through their innovation.


Personal Impact


Entrepreneurs and business owners are among the happiest professions, surveys show. The personal benefits of entrepreneurship include:


  • Being your own boss

  • The joy of creating (your own business)

  • Controlling the direction of your work

  • Setting your own hours

  • Taking control of your livelihood


Economic Impact


Small business, and by extension, entrepreneurs, are huge drivers of the economy. Large businesses eliminate redundancy and hire fewer people. A team of ten might need one accountant, while a team of 100 might only need three accountants, for instance.


Job growth isn’t the only economic impact entrepreneurship brings. Others include:


  • Higher wages for employees

  • Increased tax revenue

  • Breeds competition, driving more entrepreneurship and thus, economic growth


Societal Impact


Many innovations have impacted society and created the luxuries most North Americans take for granted. Entrepreneurship has lead the way in discovering and implementing technologies such as:

  • The telephone

  • Electricity

  • Air conditioning

Posted on June 11, 2018 .

Youth Unemployment: Ditching The Job Search

Toronto’s youth suffer some of the worst unemployment rates in Canada. Approximately 20 per cent of Toronto’s 16-to-24 year olds are without a paying job. One of the most expensive cities in the world, Toronto isn’t a viable long-term home for many of its young residents.


Entrepreneurship represents an opportunity for young people to take control of their livelihoods and shape the direction of their careers. Becoming their own boss, Toronto’s youth can bypass age discrimination, under-employment and the new reality that formal education doesn’t guarantee a career.


There are many barriers youth face to employment, specifically in Toronto:

  • Age discrimination

  • Lack of full-time job creation

  • Older workers retiring later

  • Inexperience

  • Lack of mobility and constraints of public transit


Entrepreneurs require a unique set of skills. Perseverance, creativity and an internal drive are all important factors to entrepreneurial success.


On top of financial independence, entrepreneurs report a high sense of fulfillment and happiness. Across the board, entrepreneurship offers an opportunity for young people to greatly improve their lives.


The Young Entrepreneur Who Won't Mind His Own Business

 Hamza facilitating a BITS workshop in 2017

Hamza facilitating a BITS workshop in 2017

Hamza Fasih is a young man with a dream and a desire to never work for anyone else. A fitness enthusiast, Hamza started Altius Fitness with nothing more than a Twitter handle, a single client and an idea.

“It was my company, but I didn’t know what I was selling,” Hamza said. He would depend on Business In The Streets (BITS) to help refine and flush out his company, his product and his vision.

Hamza joined BITS in 2017 after hearing about the program from his brother. As a fitness professional, he knew he had the exercise, education and nutrition skills, but didn’t have the business skills. BITS offered him the fast-track to the essential business skills he needed to succeed.

“My expectations were vastly exceeeded”




The most vital takeaway for Hamza was the networking and opportunity to learn alongside, and from, people who were in the same position as him. BITS taught Hamza what entrepreneurship really involves, giving him a look at the path he was on and allowing him the opportunity to learn from those who were a few steps ahead.

“My expectations were vastly exceeded as I got attention for the specific problems I faced with my business,” Hamza said, “The reason I wanted to stay involved with BITS is because I felt I could do the same for others.”

Altius Fitness has a unique approach to diet and exercise. Founded with the belief that people can get extremely fit and healthy without expensive personal trainers or nutritionists - Altius instead believes in the power of education. Clients that go through the Altius program are taught how they can take ownership of their own diet and exercise, and how they can maintain both habits long term.

“Really what I do is create fitness solutions for busy people,” Hamza said. “I make fitness fit their lives, not the other way around."