Our Peer Mentors


If BITS were a car, then our peer mentors would be its engine. Our peer mentorship component is what makes us different. We’ve found that our participants learn best when a mentor is present and can provide support through every step of their program.

Our mentors are senior business students and graduates, young entrepreneurial professionals or successful BITS participants who, as we like to say, "keep business in mind and community at heart.”

Peer Mentors are trained and supported by  BITS staff to deliver the curriculum in small groups, allowing for greater customization and interaction with participants. In our programs, mentorship is more than a supplemental feature. It is an essential core practice.

Both BITS mentors and participants are given the opportunity to build confidence, leadership, friendships, and feel connected to a community with a deeper understanding of social issues facing their city. 

“I have definitely noticed a difference in many of the participants and I was happy to be a part of their learning.”
— Peer Mentor 2014

Interested in joining us as a mentor? Read our FAQ and information on how to get involved HERE.

To get started, complete this on-line Intake Form.

Contact info@businessinthestreets.com if you have any questions.