Practical training by peer mentors and industry professionals.

BITS prides itself in not only serving youth, but engaging young leaders in our programs and operations. Our Peer Mentors are senior business students, recent graduates and young professionals who provide hands-on and personalized support with oversight provided from industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

Flexible, character-based and accessible financing.

Access to financing remains one of the biggest barriers to growth for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially among youth and other under-served populations.The BITS solution is to assist our participants with low-cost, character-based financing options to allow them to take their business to the next level.

Ongoing business supports. 

(under development)

Financing is extremely important, but ongoing supports are very limited and much needed by early stage business owners. Our goal is to provide access to operating space which will expose entrepreneurs to the resources, like-minded individuals, and professional networks needed to succeed. 



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