The Young Entrepreneur Who Won’t Mind His Own Business

Hamza facilitating a BITS workshop in 2017

Hamza Fasih is a young man with a dream and a desire to never work for anyone else. A fitness enthusiast, Hamza started Altius Fitness with nothing more than a Twitter handle, a single client and an idea.

“It was my company, but I didn’t know what I was selling,” Hamza said. He would depend on Business In The Streets (BITS) to help refine and flush out his company, his product and his vision.

Hamza joined BITS in 2017 after hearing about the program from his brother. As a fitness professional, he knew he had the exercise, education and nutrition skills, but didn’t have the business skills. BITS offered him the fast-track to the essential business skills he needed to succeed.

““My expectations were vastly exceeeded””

The most vital takeaway for Hamza was the networking and opportunity to learn alongside, and from, people who were in the same position as him. BITS taught Hamza what entrepreneurship really involves, giving him a look at the path he was on and allowing him the opportunity to learn from those who were a few steps ahead.

“My expectations were vastly exceeded as I got attention for the specific problems I faced with my business,” Hamza said, “The reason I wanted to stay involved with BITS is because I felt I could do the same for others.”

Altius Fitness has a unique approach to diet and exercise. Founded with the belief that people can get extremely fit and healthy without expensive personal trainers or nutritionists – Altius instead believes in the power of education. Clients that go through the Altius program are taught how they can take ownership of their own diet and exercise, and how they can maintain both habits long term.

“Really what I do is create fitness solutions for busy people,” Hamza said. “I make fitness fit their lives, not the other way around.”