Behind the scenes, the BITS team works tirelessly and passionately to deliver engaging, innovative programs that capture young people’s imaginations.

The BITS Team

Pat McNamara has been involved with BITS as a director and funder since its inception. In 2016, she formally moved into the role of Board Co-Chair

Pat McNamara

Board Co-Chair

Sarah Hashem joined the BITS team in 2015. Sarah lends her program experience in work with strategic and human centred design to support BITS programs and services.

Sarah Hashem

Board Co-Chair

Mark Simpson is a George Brown College professor and BITS founder and champion.

Mark Simpson

Founder and Former Chair

Kyle Monczak has been helping BITS to deliver impactful programs since joining the team in 2015. Currently, Kyle uses his passion for people and business to support BITS with fundraising and strategic direction so that we continue to deliver impactful programs and services across the GTA.

Kyle Monczak

Executive Director

BITS would not be possible without the active support of our board.

The BITS Board

Michele Thomas

Director of Human Resources, Lynx Equity

Kymberlee Lightowlers

Account Manager, APEX Public Relations

Leslie Kellen

Director of Operations, All Canadian Self Storage

Tim Lang

CEO, Youth Employment Services

Kizzy Bedeau

Senior Manager, Community Partnership Office, George Brown College

Jessica Pretty

Faculty, George Brown College