Jennifer Johnston

Jennifer has over seven years of experience working as a cartographer for a variety of notable companies, organizations, and governments worldwide. After completing a project overseas, Jennifer returned home to Toronto hoping to find a job in her field. Unfortunately, this turned out to be extremely challenging. Jennifer was forced to take a low-wage job in order to pay her bills, only taking ad-hoc cartography projects on the side.


Fed up, Jennifer decided to create her own opportunities by pursuing entrepreneurship. However, her lack of experience and business skills meant she would need some assistance in order to turn her passion into a sustainable income source.


Jennifer decided to join the BITS Y.C.E.O. program where she developed the idea for her cartography business. Upon completion, received a $500 SPARKFund grant in order to build her website and cover her initial start-up costs. Shortly after, she enrolled in our Boot Camp where she developed her business plan and received micro-financing through the BITS Bucks.


Now armed with the knowledge, skills, and tools to succeed, Jennifer is ready to embark on her exciting journey as a young business owner.


“BITS helped me get set up so that I am in a position where I can start working for myself. Without this program, my business would not be ready to launch. [My experience] was extremely valuable and practical – much better than going back to school.”
-Jennifer Johnston, Inspirit Cartographics