Telisha Ng


Toronto Creative Entrepreneurs (TCE) is a marketplace event providing local creatives with networking and revenue-generating opportunities. TCE’s Founder, Telisha, had run two semi-successful events before joining BITS. At the time, she found herself overworked (between two jobs) and struggled to make her business profitable. Telisha also suffered from past mistakes which left her with a damaged credit score.


Through the Boot Camp, Telisha learned how to use financial statements effectively and discovered ways to improve profitability. This gave Telisha the confidence to reduce the hours she worked at her job in order to focus on TCE. Telisha’s margins have since tripled and she’s now spending more time doing what she loves, with less stress. With the help of her mentor, Rahim, she’s put together an actionable plan for improving her credit score and is currently on track to pay off her debt in 6 months.


“The BITS Boot Camp forces you to get very real about your business ideas and life in general. For me, I gained clarity on what I needed to work on in my personal life (finances, work-life balance) in order to really see my business grow and be successful. It challenged me to think bigger than having a side hustle. My mentor Rahim was awesome, a great communicator, resourceful and super supportive. The entire team wants you to win and encourages you to share your ideas and growth, removing any hang-ups about playing and feeling small. Highly recommended for budding entrepreneurs needing guidance and clarity on their next steps.”
-Telisha Ng, Toronto Creative Entrepreneurs