The BITS Team

Kyle Monczak

Executive Director

Anthonia Enigbokan

Programs Manager

Pooja Goswami

Programs Administrator

Felicia Falconer

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Vlad Kvon

BITS Bucks Coordinator

Laura Graham

Partnerships & Fundraising

Sarah-Jane Gwira

YCEO Facilitator | Co-Founder, HER Ad Agency

Omer Qadri

Boot Camp Facilitator | Career Coach & Educator

Dom Productions

Content Marketing & Strategy

Toni Cater

Web & Design

The BITS Board of Directors

Leslie Kellen

Chair | Partner, Director of Operations, XYZ Storage

Stachen Lett-Frederick

Vice-Chair | Executive Director, Weston Frontlines Centre

Sarah Hashem

Director | Vice President, Partnerships & Development at CivicAction

Michele Thomas

Director | Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Lynx Equity Limited

Ryan Thorsley

Treasurer | CFO, Growth Partners.

Valerie Munn

Director | Vice-President, Advice Centre, RBC

Jessica Pretty

Director | Manager, Executive Operations

Shannon Busta

Director | Audience Growth Editor, New York Times