What is BITS Bucks?

For many young entrepreneurs, securing loans from banks to launch and sustain their new business is a challenge. Banks often decline loan applications from young entrepreneurs because of their age, poor credit score, or simply because they do not recognize an investment opportunity. That’s why BITS has launched a flexible and affordable micro-financing program that will help young people take their business to the next level. Through BITS Bucks, we extend up to $5,000 in micro-financing loans and grants for you to use towards your business.

Is This Program for You?

You are a perfect match for the program if:

  • You are 18 to 34 years old and are legally a resident of Ontario
  • Your annual income or assets amount to less than $35,000
  • You have previously completed a BITS training program and have a feasible business plan that has been approved by BITS staff


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