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Building Resilience in Young People, Through Action-Orientated Learning, Mentoring and Community Support.


I’m always so proud to see the transformation that each participant goes through. It’s amazing that this resource can be made available, as it truly is life-changing.

Curtis Yim | Realtor at Century 21 and BITS Mentor

Creating Opportunities for Success

The young people in our programs come from diverse backgrounds, all with different stories and hardships, our aim is to help them by introducing them to the idea that failure is not the end point, but an opportunity to push past the challenges and use failure as a stepping-stone to success. We also help them practically, by providing funding opportunities, mentors and a community that supports them.

Education That Stands the Test of Time

We believe Entrepreneurship is the best way for young people to learn resilience in an ever-changing world, when young people are exposed to action-orientated business training, it give them the tools and skills such as resilience, to go out there and make something happen despite the circumstance.

Because Young People Matter

Young people matter to us, and they should matter to you, they should matter to everyone, they are our future. We at BITS have a heart to see the people we serve find a place where they belong, through a community that cares, develop the belief that they can succeed despite their pasts.

Real Impact That Hits the Mark

We pride ourselves on being a charity that is making a real difference to the world. We believe the only way to do that is by being good business people, setting goals and targets that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. It's what we teach in our programs and how we set our own goals as an organization. Impact matters to us.

Our Outstanding Graduates


Tailored education, driven by peer-mentors

Business in the Streets (BITS) is a youth-driven organization which helps
low-resourced, emerging entrepreneurs focusing on youth and underserved
populations by providing access to entrepreneurial training, mentorship, funding, and ongoing business supports.

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