Yohan Peiris

Renewly Solar

BITS Boot Camp Alumni, Director of Operations at Renewly Solar


If aliens existed somewhere in the universe, would they be taking energy from their own planet?


Yohan Peiris contemplated this question. He did some research into wind, solar, and other forms of renewable energy. He read Nikola Tesla’s autobiography. He even started working for a solar panel company, selling panels door-to-door.


Seeing the growth in the industry, Yohan was ready to start his own solar panel business in 2019, and signed up for the BITS Bootcamp.


Renewly Solar helps homeowners in Atlantic Canada navigate through the hurdles of installing a solar system for their homes.


“There are a billion + people who don’t have access to electricity and one of my goals in life to make a dent in that number, and I want to start with some Indigenous communities in Canada… I also want to help people of colour get into this industry. The energy sector/ solar energy is not the most diverse in my opinion so I want to be a part of that change.”


Two years after graduating, Yohan still keeps in close contact with his mentor, Kyle, as well as many other BITS staff and graduates. He credits his success thus far to the connections and friendships he made through the program.


“It’s good to bounce ideas and have that support system. You really build some friendships throughout this journey.”