Our Commitment to You
Business in the Streets is committed to listening to feedback including suggestions, requests, recommendations, and complaints and responding in a fair, timely, and respectful manner.


Any person may lodge a complaint about BITS. All complaints will be given due consideration without reprisal or discrimination.

This policy describes the framework through which a complaint about programs, program participants, staff, volunteers, or contractors can be made. All complaints will be considered by BITS as an opportunity for growth and continuous quality improvement. All aspects of a complaint will be handled in confidence. However, if the complaint involves allegations of illegal or unethical behaviour, information may need to be shared with external authorities.


All complaints about BITS must be submitted in writing, using the External Complaint Form. A written complaint is intended to ensure that the concerns are clarified. However, given the possibility that a complainant may not have the ability to put a complaint in writing, a verbal complaint may also be received at the joint discretion of the Executive Director and Programs Lead. Any person wishing to make a complaint will be directed to the Programs Lead, who will provide this person with a copy of the organization’s policy and the Complaint Form.


Complaints will be acknowledged promptly (usually within 7 days), and investigated in a timely manner.  A summary of the Record of Complaint will be kept in a confidential digital complaint file on BITS Google Drive. A full copy of this Record of Complaint will be given to the complainant and any person involved in the complaint (including a respondent if relevant). If the complainant requires assistance, the Programs Lead or designate will explain how BITS’ Complaints Procedure works and will guide the person on how to use the procedure.


Complainants are welcome to use an advocate or interpreter to help them at any time during the Complaints Procedure. 


Steps to Take to Make a Complaint
Persons who wish to initiate an external complaint towards BITS can obtain a copy of our External Complaint Form to put the complaint in writing.


To obtain a copy of this form:


  • Download a copy here
  • Contact us in any of the following ways:
    • Phone: 416 477 0967
    • Email: info@businessinthestreets.com
    • Mail: 215 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON, M5T 2C7


Once your completed External Complaint Form is received, the Programs Lead and/or the Executive Director (or designate) will undertake a fair and impartial investigation of your complaint. This could entail gathering a range of relevant information, conducting an interview with you and any other person involved in the complaint, and coming to a conclusion about what should be done to address the complaint. You will then be contacted regarding this decision. No person(s) about whom a complaint is made will ever be responsible for handling the investigation of the complaint.


Where the complaint is about the Executive Director, it should be referred to the Chair of the Board and complaints related to the Programs Lead should be referred to the Executive Director. Complaints related to the violation of board governance policies are reviewed by the Board of Directors.