Nathaniel Lingard

BITS Boot Camp Alumni, Founder of Share Your Story


In 2007, Nathaniel Lingard sat down his grandfather at the kitchen table and hit record on his mom’s camcorder. As a war veteran, his grandfather had a colourful background, but Nathaniel realized one day that he knew nothing about him. For the next hour, Nathaniel and his mom asked his grandfather a series of questions to finally put the pieces together.


What is happiness to you?

What is the one thing you would tell your younger self?

What would you consider a pivotal moment in your life?


That was the beginning of Share Your Story – a videography service meant for capturing and preserving stories of loved ones for their family and friends to keep for years, decades and generations to come.


Videos are shot and edited documentary-style, and though lockdown restrictions put a wrench in business plans last year, Share Your Story quickly pivoted to shooting the “time capsules” virtually.


“Life can change in an instant so preserving your loved one’s story today has never been so important because once those stories are gone, they’re gone forever.”


In 2019, Nathaniel registered for the BITS Bootcamp, graduated, and soon became a BITS Bucks recipient. He thanks BITS for helping him get past his imposter syndrome and finally launch the business, as well as his mentor for his transparency and “no BS attitude.”