As business owners, one of the hardest things to learn is the art of selling. Those one-on-one conversations with potential clients or investors can be tough and nerve-racking – especially when we don’t have a process to follow. Our thoughts can often get the better of us, resulting in questions like;


  • will they like my product?
  • will they care about what I have to say?
  • am I doing this right?


…and the list could go on. Our goal is to help you overcome those sales jitters by providing you with resources to help you navigate the process of making that sale.


With the right knowledge, tools and practice you can flex that sales muscle and bring your game to a whole new level. Hence our new pilot project, Sales Crunch.


Sales Crunch is a 6-week sales training program where we will walk you through each stage of the sales process;


  • pre-sales research
  • cold contact
  • product or service demo, and
  • the close.


The first four sessions will help you improve your ability to sell your product or service via one-to-one selling (phone, virtual, or in-person meetings). The final two sessions will help you hone those skills through the completion fieldwork. Here, you will practice what you’ve learned by conducting actual sales conversations with a real customer of your choice, all the while supported by a BITS Peer Mentor.

Key Dates

All sessions will be held on Saturday virtually on zoom from 10 am – 1 pm


October 31

Session 1: Pre-call research


November 7

Session 2: Cold Calling


November 14

Session 3: Demoing your product/service


November 21

Session 4: Client-centric selling tools


November 22- December 5
Fieldwork – prep and sales call and review